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2d Shape Game - Concentration

2d Shape Game

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Regular 2D Shape Concentration / Memory Game

How to Play:  

In pairs the students shuffle the cards and place them in rows picture side down. The first student turns over any two cards. If the shape card matches the word form card then the student takes the two cards and continues playing. If the two cards do not match, the next play goes to the other student.

Play continues until all matches have been made.

2d shape game

How to Win:  

The student with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.

Little jokes/cues you might like to allude to during lessons:

  • What was the 60s term ‘square’?
  • Word derivations of octopus and octagon.
  • Poly being a common name for a parrot and fly away is gone.
  • Which way is the arrow pointing?
  • Why use a bus?
  • What smaller word can you see in scalene?
  • Spelling is wrong = a wrecked angle

2d shape game


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2d Shape Game - FREE & PRINTABLE - Add some FUN to learning about Regular 2D Shapes by Playing this Concentration / Memory Game.

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