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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Why do I need to sign up for a Username and Password to get the free resources?

Our authors have had hundreds of their resources stolen and reposted on 'dodgy' websites over the last few years. The password ensures resources are safe and secure. The password also makes it harder, but not impossible, for content scraping robots and pirates to steal our work.

Does accept credit card?

Absolutely! Just add the games or membership you require to your Shopping Cart then proceed to the Checkout. When you press, 'Place Order' you will be taken to our payment processing gateway. 
If you do not have a Paypal account DON'T PANIC! Press - insert button - then fill in your credit card details and press - insert button - All the prices will then drop to zero and you can start downloading educational resources until your heart's content.

Why is Paypal Your Prefered Way to Process Credit Card? is a startup. It is a passion based project in its first year of operation. We chose Paypal because it is well known and trusted by millions of people, it is very easy for our customers to use, is extremely credible, has low transaction fees, provides seamless conversion of currencies and worked with the GoTeachThis website straight out of the box. 
Side Thought - We also figured if a tiny little upstart of a company like EBay trust Paypal then it is probably a good enough reason for us to doit too ;)
Who is Null Null of Alabama?
In a nutshell... It's you. :-)
Q. Why? 

The Short Answer: To make accessing the free resources as easy as possible. 
The Longer Techo Answer: Magento (the program the site is built with) by default mandated the collection of a lot of personal data eg Name, Home Address, Billing Address, phone, shoe size etc. We found it an annoying waste of time as we provide digital goods and don't need to 'ship' hard products. So we turned the personal data collection step off. 
As a result of you not filling in the personal data page (since we eliminated the step) your account defaults to First Name = Null (nothing written in the sign up field) Last Name = Null (nothing written in the sign up field) and the default country is the USA and the default state is the first one listed alphabetically = Alabama - So by default you become 'Null Null from Alabama USA'
How Do I Update My Personal Data?
Once you log into your account you can click on each of the categories on the left hand side then fill in your correct details if you wish to.

Does Sell Whole School Memberships?

Yes we do but at the moment we do not have the technology to do this automatically. Just email with how many teachers you would like to sign up and we can set it up manually.