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Membership - Basic. Take out a Membership with and all games drop to zero. That's over 150 educational games.

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Details Makes Beautiful Games

We specialise in making learning social, visible and FUN.

Social - Our games require students to interact with other human beings (unlike many other educational websites).

Visible - Students are required to vocalise their thinking as a natural part of each game. This ensures the teacher hears what strategies the students are using and then intervene at the point of need or design the next learning experience. 

Fun - Many adults are turned off to Maths because they never experienced joy in the learning of this beautiful discipline. The games on aim to add a little enjoyment to Math and Literacy sessons.

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Why Take Out a Membership? - GoTeachThis makes amazing educational games educators turn to again and again. Plus, all prices drop to zero when you join our Membership Program. That's over 150 games for $29.99 USD. In other words, a huge part of your Literacy and Numeracy Centers sorted for the year for about $2.50 a month. Just log in, add the games you require to your cart, print them out and play.

What Do I Get for My Investment?

1. All 150ish Game Boards & Game Cards become printable on demand for zero dollars. 
Extensive Teaching Notes - Each game includes teaching points for before the game, during the game and after the game. This makes each game a truly powerful learning experience. 

3. Instant Access to all latest released games.  Currently running at 2 or 3 new games a week.

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What People Are Saying:

Adrian your games have changed the way I teach basic facts. Thankyou for opening my eyes to the possibilities of games in class and for your magnificent resources. The students constantly ask to play them. Jane P - Austin Texas

Recent Reviews by Two high Profile Edu- Bloggers: 

On 'Playable' -  'These are not ‘generic’ games either. Adrian has done crazy amounts of work in the classroom with these, and they are all next-generation resources in terms of design and development.'
Over at the Classroom Chronicle - 'Adrian was a full time primary teacher and the knowledge he has gained in the classroom is reflected in the way his games can be used to cater for so many different learning needs.' 
NB If you use the code GOTEACHTHISROX in the checkout you will get a 20% discount on the advertised price. #cozthat'showweroll :-)

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