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Addition Practice Game - Build It Up

addition practice games

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Addition Practice Game - Build It Up. Addition practice game and Subtraction practice game to help students' mental math skills. Ideal educational game for Math Lessons.

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Addition Practice Game or Subtraction Game'Build It Up' is a Math game that encompasses logical thinking, forward planning and repeatedly adding single numbers together. 

What You Need:
2 Players
1 Game Board
1 Counter
Preparing to Play:
Students or teacher choose a target number
- For the (1,2,3,4,5 board) the number is between 13 and 27.
- For the (5,6,7,8,9 board) the number is between 48 and 73.
- For the (2,4,6,8,10 board) the number needs to be even.
- For the (1,3,5,7,9 board) you choose.
How to Play:
1, The person who pulls the funniest face becomes Player One.
2. Player One chooses and places the counter on the board and states the number covered.
3. Player 2 then slides the counter along a line towards another number. They then add that number to form a cumulative total and states the current total aloud.
4. Players then take turns doing these steps.
5. Play continues in this fashion until a player arrives at the decided upon total.
Adding Game
How to Win:
- Be the player to land on the given number
- Force your opponent to go over the the given number.
Possible Variation:
- Count backwards from the original number to zero.
Before the Game:
- In pairs - Teachers says, '5 plus 7?' students tell each other the answer. Do a couple of minutes of warm ups using this question type to get into the zone and discuss efficient strategies.
- Using the PowerPoint version ask students to imagine moving the counter along a line and giving an answer. 
- Model how counting on with fingers is very effective at finding the correct answer it is just a bit slow. Have students explore strategies. e.g. Add 4 is add 2 then add 2 again. Adding 8 is add 10 and subtract 2. etc
- Explore strategies of Counting Through 10 and Counting Through 5.
- Discuss transferring the strategies we talk about during these sessions to practicing them in the game.
During the Game:
- Teacher takes notes on possible future directions and remediation during the game play.
- Play a game or two with a couple of students. Be sure to lose and ham it up :-) 
- Remind the groups of the skill focus for the game. 
- Ensure students take turns at being the player to make the first move.
- Use descriptive praise e.g. 'I love the way you did that calculation by using the adding 9 strategy'.
Adding Game
Possible After Game Math Journal Reflections:
- What did you find easy today?
- What did you find difficult today?
- After playing this game I am still a little confused about _______
- Is there a point in the game when you know you are going to win or lose? Tell me how you know.
Included in this Download:
5 High Color Game Boards (click on the word sample below to see them all)
1 PowerPoint File with All Games for Easy Display and Discussion
1 Set of Game Rules
1 Set of Possible Teaching Notes

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Our Price: $3.80

Quick Overview

Addition Practice Game or Subtraction Game - 'Build It Up' is a Math game that encompasses logical thinking, forward planning and repeatedly adding single numbers together.

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Our Price: $3.80