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Diagonal Checkers - Doubling, Halving and Quartering Numbers

How to halve numbers?

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Diagonal Checkers - Doubling, Halving and Quartering Numbers. Multiplication and Division game in order to practice doubling numbers, halving numbers and quartering numbers.

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Diagonal Checkers 
Doubling, Halving & Quartering Numbers
- To practice strategies for multiplying and dividing my 10, 100 and 1000
- To practice strategic thinking.
What you Need:
2 players
1 game board
1 set of game cards
12 counters of one colour
12 counters of another colour
- Print the 2 halves of the board and glue them into a manila folder. 
- Place the counters over the numbers on the board just like in traditional checkers.
- Shuffle the cards and place them beside the board.
- Turn over the top card and place it face up next to the deck.
1. The rules for this game are exactly like traditional checkers (draughts) only the board is set up on the diagonal. 
2. On landing on a number apply the upturned card's instruction to the number and answer the algorithm produced aloud for your partner to hear.
e.g. You land on 32 and the upturned card says to 'divide by 2’ the answer is 16. 
3. After each player has moved 3 times (variable according to need) flip another card over.
4. Pieces can only be elevated to king status on the two back rows.
- Research 'flying kings' and play the game with these rules.
- Move with the intention of having your piece taken. It is mandatory to take pieces. The person first to have no pieces left is the winner.
Before the Game:
- Investigate halving even numbers.
- Work out a strategy for halving numbers with an odd last digit.
- Work out a strategy for halving 2 digit numbers with an odd number in the tens column.
- How can you use your knowledge to calculate efficiently in the game?
- Use calculators to investigate halving and doubling numbers.
- To find a quarter of a whole number you have to halve it and halve it again. Is this  always true?
- To find a quarter of a whole number you have to halve it and halve it again. Is this  always true?
- Do these halving 'rules' work for decimals as well? Prove it.
- Write your own law. '(Your name's) First Law of Halving Numbers' to help you calculate efficiently in the game. Hint - it might be useful to know what to do with the decimal point.
- Using the double numbers on 2 die (1& 1, 2 & 2, 3 & 3, 4 & 4, 5 & 5, 6 & 6) students create a simple lesson to explain doubling and halving to children in a lower grade
During the Game:
- As part of their learning journey students often confuse which direction to move the decimal point when multiplying and dividing. Monitor student answers to ensure they are on the right track. Offer assistance where needed.
- The phrase, 'Just add two zeros' leads to a misunderstanding of what is really happening when multiplying and dividing by multiples of ten. 
From the outset discuss 'moving the decimal point' 3 places to the right etc as opposed to 'adding zeros'. It saves so much confusion. Believe me :-) Monitor students for understanding.

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Doubling, Halving and Quartering Numbers using Diagonal Checkers - an enjoyable way to have students practice number strategies in a social way.

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Our Price: $2.20