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Swirl A Game of Multiplication, Division, Strategy & Escape - 8 Times Table

Multiplication Division Game

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Swirl A Game of Multiplication, Division, Strategy & Escape - 8 Times Table. 8 Times Table Multiplication & Division Game -Motivate your Math students with this fast paced, fun, printable, 8 Times Table Math games.

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Multiplication & Division Game - Swirl - This is an enjoyable Math game for practicing the 8 Times Table and their inverse Division facts.

What you need:
2 players
4 counters
1 game board
1 deck of game cards
How to play:
1. Place one counter on each of the rafts.
2. The youngest person goes first.
3. Players move any counter one, two or three spots along the ropes away from the sea monster. 
4. Players draw a card from the card deck and give the answer to the algorithm.
5. If the algorithm is not known then the card is held onto by the player as an indicator of an 'algorithm to work on'
Division & Multiplication flash cards
Illegal Moves:

- Players may not land on top of another counter. 
- Players may not jump over another counter.
- Players may not move counters backwards. 
How to Win:

The player who moves the last counter onto the rescue ship wins the game.
Don't Forget to Discuss:
- The need for students to develop a revision/ practice strategy which, 'works for them'. 
- This game is a way to have a bit of fun learning content but it also helps you identify 'areas to work on'. What do you need to work on as a result of playing this game?
- What strategies have you developed to give you a better chance of winning this game?
Included in the Download:
- Game Rules and Teaching Ideas
- 24 attractive Division & Multiplication Cards

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Our Price: $3.00

Quick Overview

Swirl is a Game of Multiplication, Division, Strategy & Escape, It is based on the 8 Times Table.

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Our Price: $3.00