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Four Operations - A Game of Luck, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division

Math Game

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Four Operations - A Game of Luck, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division. Math Game - Four Operations - A printable card game for practicing Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

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Essence of the Game:
Two players throw two die then use one of the four operations to create a number they need to put them on a path to winning the game.
What You Need:
2 players
1 set of cards numbered 0 to 12 for each player

2 die

How to Play:
1. Players place all of their cards in front of them face up and in order.
2. Player 1 throws the dice and uses either Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication or Division to make a number from 1 to 12.
e.g. If the dice show 6 and 2 the numbers the player could turn over would be 6+2=8, 6-2=4, 2x6=12 or 6÷2=3
3. Player One then turns over ONE of those cards.
4. Play alternates until one player has all their cards face down.
How to Win:
The first player to turn ALL their cards face down in the winner.
I’ve included mermaid cards from zero to twenty,  four operations signs and an equals card so students can use this card deck with other number games from
Some students will want to play with mermaids while others are going to want to play with ninjas, pirates or monsters : - ) #weaimtoplease 

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Our Price: $2.20

Quick Overview

Four Operations is a two player game used to practice simple Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

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Our Price: $2.20