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6 Times Table IWB Game - Line 'em Up

6 Times Table Game

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6 Times Table IWB Game - Line 'em Up. Multiplication Game for the Smartboard - 6 Times Table - This game combines strategic thinking with the learning of basic facts.

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Line 'Em Up - A Six Times Table Multiplication Game

How to Play:

1. The person with the shortest name goes first.
2. Players take turns to slide their counters one square at a time around the board. 
3. On covering an algorithm the player must answer it.

- pieces can only move one space forward or sideways
- pieces cannot jump over other pieces
- it is your decision as to whether pieces can move diagonally or not.




How to Win:

- Be the first player to get three counters in a row either vertically or horizontally.

Teaching Tip:

Have the students read the algorithms forward and backward to reinforce how the answer remains the same no matter which way it is read.


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Quick Overview

6 Times Table game - Line Em Up is a Smartboard version of one of our printable games. Use this version to teach the full game or as a stand alone.