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Online Rekenrek - Ideal for Exploring Number Sense

Rekenrek - Online Counting Frame

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Online Rekenrek - Ideal for Exploring Number Sense.

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Rekenrek - a rekenrek (calculating frame) is a 'bead string' device for exploring Number Sense with students. The rekenrek is used in classrooms all around the world to enhance Math reasoning.

Possible Activities:

Move It In Your Mind:

1. Set the beads to their start positions.
2. Group leader asks the students to imagine moving 4 beads with one finger.
3. Move the 4 beads in one movement as opposed to one at a time.

Launch the Online Rekenrek Launch Online Rekenrek

Show Me the Number:

1. Leader picks a number from 1 to 20 and asks the students to model it on the online rekenrek.
2. Discuss other possible ways to make the number.
3. Notice how many beads are on the left of a row and how many are on the right. ie Facts to 10.


1. How many of the Doubles Facts can you make on the rekenrek?
2. How many near doubles facts can you make? Record these.
3. 'Turn Around Facts'? What might these be? How can we model them? 


Launch the Online Rekenrek Launch Online Rekenrek

As an aside, this was my first go at programming learning objects and I am pretty happy with the results. A new and improved Rekenrek is coming soon. 

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Quick Overview

Rekenrek - is a calculating frame for exploring Number Sense. This is an online version for smartboard or Ipad.