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Ten Frame - Numbered - Ten Frame Flash the Math Game

Ten Frame Flashcards

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Ten Frame - Numbered - Ten Frame Flash the Math Game. Printable Ten Frames Games are an EXCELLENT way to develop number sense. Download this Math Game, Print it Out and Use it to educate the YOUNGLINGS in your care :-)

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Ten Fame Flash is a card game where a leader flashes a numbered Ten Frame Card at the students. In pairs the students tell their partner the number shown or the answer to the algorithm required. The first person to call out the answer wins the round. Play ten rounds.

Game Possibilities:

- How many more to ten?
- One more than the number shown
- Two more than the number shown
- One before the number shown
- add 5, add 10, multiply by 6 etc, etc

What You Need:

Students in Pairs
1 Leader
1 Set of Ten Frame Cards
Scratch paper & Writing implements (optional)

Preparation for Play:

1. Children form pairs and sit side by side facing the leader.
2. Each student needs a piece of scratch paper and a pencil if you need the students to record.

How to Play:

1. Leader shuffles the cards and shows a card from the top of the pile.

NB This version of the game is designed so you can cover one of the numbers with your fingers and require the students to use reasoning to work out what number is covered.

2. Students call out their answer to their partner.

How to Win:

First student to complete the number wins the round.
Play best of 10 rounds.

For a Bit of Fun:

Have the students write their number, slap their pencil down and call out the number to their partner. 

NB This can get a bit loud but well worth the fun.

Possible Reflections:

- What Math facts do I need to work on so I can 'See It, Say It'?
- What is this game trying to teach?
- How do you feel as soon as the card is turned over?
- Describe what happens in your mind when the card is turned over.
- How would you change this game to make it a better learning tool for your partner?


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Quick Overview

Ten Frame Game with a little bit of scaffolding.

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