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The Game of Pig - A Printable Hundred's Chart Game

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The Game of Pig - A Printable Hundred's Chart Game. The Game of Pig - a printable Math game of strategy, number sense, fun and luck. Ideal for Math Centers

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The Game of Pig is a printable Math game for two players.  It is designed to improve number sense in an enjoyable way.

- to explore 100s chart number patterns to aid mental computation.
- experiment with basic concepts of probability
What You Need:
1 game board
2 players
2 die
2 different colored counters.
How to Win:
Be the first player to 100.
How to Play:
1. Decide who is going first.
2. Place both counters at the Start. The counter marks the player’s current score.
3. Player One rolls the dice as many times as they like and adds the totals together mentally.
When the turn is over they move their counter to their new score.
Pigs Might Fly:
- If a 1 is thrown on either die before a player decides to stop rolling their turn is ended and that player receives NO points for this round. This is known as 'pigging out'.

- If a double 1 is thrown (cat's eyes) then the player returns to the start.
Before the Game:  
  • Explore the patterns made / ‘tricks’ to be used when adding on a hundreds chart. Look for the shapes and patterns made when adding: 5, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12.
  • Make your own set of laws for adding with a hundreds chart? Use these laws in the game.
  • Explain how no counting by ones is allowed in this game. Strategies must be worked out and used. This will aid number development.  
After the Game:
- What laws have you made up to help you be more efficient when adding.
- What strategies have you developed to help you win this game?
- What strategies did you try which didn't work?
- Is there any such thing as 'luck'? What are your thoughts?
- Does your strategy work all the time?
- When your opponent has a big lead taking big risks means you will win more often. True or False? Why or why not?
- If your opponent gets close to the end they have a greater chance of winning then you. True or False? Why or Why not?
- Is it more likely you will win if you are far ahead of your partner? How can we test this?
- And pigs might fly!!! If you just keep throwing without giving the other person a turn you will always win. Why is this false? 

Tips & Tricks:
- It is a good idea to establish a procedure for remembering what square a player started each turn on. Conflict may ensue :-)
- I find the cardboard die do not last particularly well under the rigors of classroom use. I like to write the required phonics sounds on small wooden blocks and use these as the dice. 
Possible Variations:  
  • Play with one die - throwing a 1 means the players score returns to zero.
  • Play with as many dice as you like. Player roll all the dice only once per turn.
  • When a double is thrown double it e.g. if double 4 is thrown add 16 to the total etc
  • Double 6 gets you 25 points.
Did You Know?

- This type of game is known as a jeopardy game i.e. a decision has to be made regarding whether or not to jeopardise what you have already gained. 

Game of PigA Printer Friendly Board

NB HUGE thanks to the very talented cartoonist Ron Leishman for the pigs in this game.

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Our Price: $4.50

Quick Overview

The Game of Pig is a printable Math game game for two players. It is designed to improve number sense in an enjoyable way.

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Our Price: $4.50