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Place Value Chart - Units - Thousands - Millions

Place Value Chart

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Place Value Chart - Units - Thousands - Millions. Place Value Chart - FREE & PRINTABLE - for Place Value Games & Math Wall Displays. Also includes heaps of lesson ideas for place value practice & cool math games.

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Place Value Chart

I use these FREE PRINTABLE Place Value Charts as wall display posters and for Place Value Games. I've also included a Thousands Chart and a Millions Chart so you can make a large number wall display.

Children love large numbers. The more digits the more impressed they are! :)

1. Use a calculator and input any two digit number and then constantly double the number until it fills the screen and either gives an error or moves into scientific notation. There will be awe and wonder and maybe even a little excitement and laughter.

2. Listen to the banter that ensues. What are they saying? What teachable moments present themselves?

3. Ask the children to try and read the large numbers. NB - If you laminated these charts you can write on them with water soluble texta and wipe off the numbers when you need to. I place these charts at about eye level so that each day the kids can change the numbers. I have also placed these charts outside my room so that students walking by can start chatting about really big numbers.

Place Value Chart

NB If you are not keen to write on them, I find using blu-tac to stick numeral cards on works very well. I also get students to change these number each day. 

4. Teach the conventions of reading large numbers by introducing the 'Units' family. 'If you can read a three digit number you can read any number.'

(NB there is a field of thought that says we should not refer to the 'Ones Family' as it can lead to confusion between zeros '0' and Ones. Discuss this with your students to see what they think)

 5. Introduce the 'Thousands' place value chart. (read the 3 digit number and then the name of the 'family' then move on to the 'Units' chart)

Thousands Reseach:

- How many years ago was the Great Pyramid of Giza constructed?
- Ask the adults in your home for examples of where they use 'thousands'.  

Place Value Chart

6. Introduce the 'Millions' place value chart. Then read the 3 digit number on the millions chart followed by the family name. Move to the thousands chart and do the same and then move on to the Units chart and do the same.

Once students get the pattern of reading the 3 digit number followed by the family name and then moving on to the next chart they are on their way to being able to read any number.

Place Value Chart Two sets of numerals (0-9) are included in the download.

Millions Research:

- List the top five most populated cities in the world.
- What is the combined total population of these cities?
- How many rivots in the Eiffel Tower?
- How many cubic centimeters in one cubic metre?
- Estimate how long would it take to count to a million counting at one number a second 24 hours a day?
- Use a calculator to work out how long it would take to count to a million at one number per second.
- List the world's top five money earners for last year from only one of these professions - singers, bands, actors or sportspeople.
- If you made $50 000 a year how long would it take to make some of these amounts?
- If your heart beats about 40 000 000 times a year how many times has your heart beaten up to today? Ok, you might run out of digits on your calculator so try using this Online Heartbeat Calculator.

Place Value Chart

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Place Value Chart

FREE and PRINTABLE -  Ideal for learning about the place value.

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