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Is 1 a Prime Number?

Is One a Prime Number?

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Is 1 a Prime Number?. Prime Numbers - Is one a prime number? A math poster that puts it all in perspective. One is not prime because..

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Prime Number Posters - There are 3 FREE prime number posters in this download. Two posters cover, 'Is One a Prime Number?' and the third poster outlines how to test if a number is prime or not using blocks. 

is one prime?


I usually try to introduce the concept of 1 not being prime by examining the mathematical definition  closely.

'For a number to be prime it must have TWO distinct (different) factors'.

In 1's case its factors are 1 and 1.

For a number to be prime it must be able to be divided by itself AND 1.

In the case of 1 'itself ' IS one.

This poster can then be added to your Math Vocabulary Display as a form Math Help   reference material :)

is 1 prime?

prime number test

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Prime Numbers - Is one a prime number? A simple test to see if a number is prime. 3 Posters.

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