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What is a Prime Number?

What is a prime number?

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What is a Prime Number?. Prime Number Posters (FREE & Printable) - 1. What is a prime number? 2. Prime Numbers 1 - 100 and 3. The First 100 Primes. Download and print these prime number facts posters for your Math Wall.

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What is a Prime Number? A prime number can ONLY be divided by itself AND one. Primes have two distinct factors, themselves and one.

So when someone asks, 'Is 1 a prime number?' You can confidently say no and refer them to the poster below and mention how 'itself' IS one ;-)

What is a prime number?

Prime Numbers 1-100

List of Primes from 1 to 100 - A Poster for the Math Wall

The list of primes from 1 to 100 are shown in blue on the poster above. Did we get them all?

First 100 Prime Numbers


This poster lists the first 100 prime numbers and encourages students to explore the properties of numbers.

If a number ends with 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8 it is EVEN.

If a number ends with 5 or 0 it can be divided by 5. (Except for 5 itself)

Hint - Have a look at the last digit of each number and apply the above rules.

Have we made a mistake with any of the numbers listed above?

This poster can be added to your Math Vocabulary Display as a form of Math Help reference material :)

Where to Next?

- Maybe you'd like a poster that answers, 'Is One a Prime Number?'
 'Is Two a Prime Number?'

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What is a Prime Number? Prime Numbers 1-100 and The First 100 Primes. Math Wall Posters.

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