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What is a Prism?

What is a prism

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What is a Prism?. What is a Prism? This is free printable A4 poster explains how to name prisms. Ideal for the fridge, math vocabulary wall & back or the bathroom door :-)

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What is a Prism?

a Printable Poster for your Math Vocabulary Wall

What is a prism?

Prisms get their names from the shapes they are based on.
Prisms have two faces that are the same shape
& all the other faces are rectangles.

Included in this poster you can see a square prism, rectangular prism, a hexagonal prism and an octagonal prism .

Q. What shape would they get if 2 faces were triangles and the other 3 faces were rectangles.
A. A triangular prism,

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What is a Prism? a Printable Poster for Your Math Vocabulary Wall


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