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Is 7 Lucky? - Vampire Snail Racing Chance & Probability Game

Is 7 lucky?

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Is 7 Lucky? - Vampire Snail Racing Chance & Probability Game. Math Investigation - Is 7 Lucky? - This vampire snail racing game is an enjoyable way to investigate chance & probability.

  • Price: $3.50


Is Seven Lucky? A Mathematical Investigation - with vampire snails.

What You Need:

2 players per game
I Vampire Snail game board
6 counters of one colour
6 counters of another colour
2 die for each player (this makes the game a bit quicker)


- One player places their counters on the odd numbered snails. The other player puts their counters on the even numbered snails.

Math Investigation - Is 7 Lucky?





- Place bets on which snail will come first second and third.

How to Play:

1. One player chooses to be odd numbered snails and one person the even.
2. Decide who is going first and pick which snail you think is going to win.
3. Player one throws the dice and adds them together. They then move the counter on the snail with the same number ahead one space.
4. Player two then does the same.
5. Play continues until one of the vampire snails reaches the finish line.


NB There are also Teaching Tips included in this game download.

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Our Price: $3.50

Quick Overview

Is 7 Lucky? a Math Investigation - Vampire Snail Racing is a variation on the traditional probability investigation 'Lucky 7'. By playing this game students may come to discover why some numbers are considered 'luckier' than others.

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Our Price: $3.50