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Elephant Vs Mice - A Game of Subtraction, Addition & Logical Thinking

Addition & Subtraction Doubles Game

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Elephant Vs Mice - A Game of Subtraction, Addition & Logical Thinking. Print out this Addition and Subtraction game to help mental maths skills and knowledge of number bonds.

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- To practice subtraction, strategy and logical thinking.
Included in This Game:
1+1=__, 2-1=__, __-1=1, 2+2=__, 4-2=__, __-2=2, 4-__=2, 3+3=__, 6-3=__, __-3=3, 6-__=3, 4+4=__, 8-4=__, __-4=4, 8-___=4. 
Minus, How many left? Deduct

What You Need:
2 Players
1 Elephant Vs Mice Game Board
1 counter to represent the elephant
6 identical counters to represent the mice
- Arrange the counters as shown in the diagram.
- Decide who shall be the elephant and who shall be the mice for the first game.
1. The mice and the elephant can only move one square diagonally at a time.
2. All pieces can move diagonally forward AND backwards.
3. Once a piece lands on an algorithm, it is to be read aloud and the answer given.
4. Once a piece lands on a Subtraction Vocabulary square the word is to be used where appropriate when reading the algorithms.
3. The elephant may jump over a mouse if there is an empty square on the other side. That mouse is then removed from the board.
5. The elephant may jump horizontally, vertically or diagonally over a mouse to capture it.
6. Players take turns in moving their pieces.
7. The mice win when they corner the elephant so it cannot move.
8. The elephant wins the game when there is only one mouse left on the board.
Possible Variations:

1. Add or subtract the amount of mice used.
2. The elephant may do multiple captures.
3. Individualise the game for a student by writing number facts or phonics sounds onto the board and require the correct answer be given before the next move can be taken.
(Laminate the board and cut circles out of name tag stickers and stick them on squares. These are easily changeable when new skills need to be learned).
4. Eliminate the elephant’s ability to jump horizontally or vertically. How does the game change?
After the Game:
- What strategies have you developed to help you do better at this game?
- What strategies have you developed to help you win this game?
- What strategies did you try which didn't work?
- In Math there is a concept referred to as an ‘avoidable error’. What does this term mean to you? - What strategies can you put in place in your mind to help you avoid ‘avoidable errors’?
- Does your strategy work all the time? Why or why not?
Possible Extension:
Research - Are elephants scared of mice? What are the origins of this 'belief'?
Back Story - Write a narrative which explains everything that has lead to the point where this elephant is cornered by a group of mice.

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Subtraction Game - A game to explore the inverse relationship between Addition & Subtraction using a strategy game.

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Our Price: $2.20