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Onset and Rime Word Building Game

printable onset & rime game

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Onset and Rime Word Building Game. Onset and rime (not rhyme) are fundamental building blocks in the process of learning to read. This printable Four in a Row word building game provides an enjoyable way to practice basic phonics skills.

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Onset and Rime Word Building Game -  a game to explore, investigate and practice word building.

What you need:

2 players
1 game board
15 counters of one colour for one player
15 counters of another colour for the other player
1 onset die
1 rime die

How to Play: 

1. Divide the counters and decide who is having the first turn.

2. Player One throws the custom made dice then reads the word produced by combining the onset and rime.

3. Player One then places a counter over the corresponding onset and another counter over the corresponding rime on the game board.

4. Player Two then repeats steps 2 and 3.

5. Play continues until one of the players has four counters in a row.

How to win:

 - The first player with four counters in a row is declared the winner.

Before the Game:

- Explore combining onset and rime.

- Make up a few definitions of ‘nonsense words’ for a bit of fun.

- Note how these words are only one syllable.

During the Game:

- Monitor student knowledge of onset and rime

- Make records of which reading elements children need to practise.

 After the Game:

 - Use records from playing this game to inform future group reading focuses.

- Allow students to take the game home to share with their family




 Possible Extension:

- Make up ‘silly’ definitions for the nonsense words.

- Students teach the game to another class.

- Have students make their own 4 in a row game for their friends. 

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Our Price: $3.50

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A Printable Onset and Rime Game ideal for literacy centers.

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Our Price: $3.50