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Aargh! The Pirate Phonics Game of 'ar'

ar wordlist phonics game

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Aargh! The Pirate Phonics Game of 'ar'. ' ar' Word List Phonics Game - a printable pirate based word game which helps students develop their phonics and word building skills. A great educational kids' game.

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Phonics Game - ar - a Card Game that focuses on the phonics sound 'ar'. 

What you need:
- 3 or 4 players
- a deck of 32 cards made up of 16 words (two of each word)
- 1 pirate treasure card

How to Play:
1. Decide who will be the dealer. This person shuffles the cards and deals out all the cards systematically to all the players.
2. Players look at their cards and place any pairs (a pair is two of the same word) to their side. 
3. The dealer offers the back of their fanned out cards to the person on their left.
4. The player selects a single card from the dealers hand without seeing the cards and adds it to their hand.
5. If the newest card makes a pair then it is placed in that players discard pile.
6. The player who just took the card from the dealer then offers their hand to the next player on the left.
7. If you have discarded all your cards you are safe and take no further part in the game.
8. Once all the cards have been discarded there will be one pirate treasure card left. The holder of this card is winner of the game. 
Before the Game:

- Revise the 'ar' sound using some of your favourite strategies :) 
- Pre-test the words to see which students will benefit from playing this game.
- Have students self test themselves with the game cards. 
- Teaching point -  'If you hesitate... (say this with a long pause)... you need to 'work on' this word.
- ‘Cards you baulk at or hesitate on are the cards you need to use to make up your game deck’.

A Bit of Fun: 
- Teacher and students dress up for the game - an eye patch, bandannas, etc. Word of warning though, a hook makes it a little hard to deal the cards.
During the Game: 

- Offer advice in your best buccaneer voice. Ham it up!
- Encourage the students to accentuate the 'ar' sounds to imitate a pirate.
- Tell pirate jokes. Aim for jokes of this calibre ;)

Q - What did the pirate say when he got his wooden leg caught in the freezer?
A - Shiver Me timbers.

Q - What's a pirate’s favourite pass time?
A - Gaaaaaaarrrrrdening.

Q - What's a pirate's favorite animal?
A - The aaaarrrrrrrdvarrrrrrrk.
ar phonics game
When a vowel is followed by the letter 'r' it rarely says its vowel sound. How true is this? Find examples.
After the Game:
Teacher - Reflect on how this game is catering for the differing needs of the group. What needs to change? What needs to be revised or revisited?
Students - What knowledge can you take from this game to help with your reading? Is this game a recreation or learning for you?  
Included in this Download:
Far, art, car, bark, scar, shark, target, garden, carpet, smart, star, park, part, spark, snarl, card, are, arc, arm, bar, cart, dark, dart, harm, harp, jar, mark, tar, tart, tarp, arch, artist, burglar, sparkle, chart, farm, guitar, market, parcel, party, start, starve, solar, sharp, yard & alarm.

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Arrgh! The Pirate Game of Phonics - Have a little fun with the sound 'ar'

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Our Price: $2.20