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Boom - A Sight Word Game - List One

sight word game boom

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Boom - A Sight Word Game - List One. Boom is a sight word game which adds a great deal of enjoyment to learning sight words. Print out the word cards and play the game. Too easy!

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A Fun Sight Word Game

Boom is an enjoyable sight word practise game. The processes outlined in the teaching notes are designed to help students identify words they need to work on.

Game One List: 

Country, fruit, square, straight, through, able, month, island, river, oven, double, favourite, tongue, chimney, salt, earn, shirt, machine, sauce, large, roll, whether, garage, voice, world, climb, neither, whole, forward, shovel, whole, angry, beautiful, believe, cover & fierce.


- Decorate a large ice-cream container or coffee tin with colourful paper to draw the cards from.  NB I’ve found younger students enjoy the concept of a 'lucky dip' rather than drawing cards straight from a deck.
- I've also found over the years, children like to draw the cards from either a magician's or wizard’s hat. Well worth investing in both. You can pick up some really nice bargains on Ebay when looking for this type of prop.
What you need:
One set of sight word cards
Four BOOM!!! Cards
A hat or container to draw the cards from
How to Play: 
1. In pairs students take turns drawing a sight word from the container and reading it to their partner.
2. If the card is read correctly they keep it. If they cannot read the card, their partner is given the opportunity to read it. If the partner can read it, then the partner keeps the card. If neither student can read the card they place it in a, 'To Work on Later' pile.
3. When a player draws a 'BOOM!' card they must return all their cards to the container and the BOOM!!! Card is discarded.
How to Win:

- The game continues until there are no cards left in the container. The players then tally how many cards they have and the student with the highest number is declared the winner.
  • Use an egg timer and set it for a somewhere between 1 and 5 minutes. Hide the timer so the players cannot see it but can hear it when it goes off. The player with the most cards when the timer goes off is the winner.
  • Revisit the 'To Work on Later' pile as this is a valuable point of need opportunity for both students.
Just for Fun:  
  • I like to put stickers of things the students like on the cards. They are cheap and personalise the game. At the time of making this game Angry Birds were the stickers which were the biggest hit with the students.  
  • Make a wall display of a set of cards so the students can practice the words when whey have a moment. I like to joke with them, ‘If you are going to daydream, rather than stare off into nothingness you might as well learn a few sight words’ hehehehe

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Our Price: $2.50

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Sight Word Practice Game - Boom - an enjoyable sight word game.

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Our Price: $2.50