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Bossy E Rule / Magic E Rule Phonics Game - Video Game & Printable

Bossy E Rule Game

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Bossy E Rule / Magic E Rule Phonics Game - Video Game & Printable. Printable Phonics Games - The Bossy E Rule, Magic E Rule, Silent E Rule, CVC to CVCV Rule goes by many names. Here is a game to keep your students engaged & learning.

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Magic E Rule - Bossy E Rule - CVC CVCV Rule - Silent E Rule  Four in a Row

Whatever you know this rule as here
is an engaging phonics game to make the exploring and getting to know how the rule works enjoyable.

There are 3 full color game boards as well as 3 low colour versions of the game in this download. The low color versions of the game boards are ideal for sending home with students on Individual Literacy Plans or as a way to get parental involvement in homework.

What You Need:

2 Players
1 Magic E Phonics Rule Game Board
1 Die
18 Counters of One Color
18 Counters of Another Color

How to Play:

1. Player One is the person with the longest hair.
2. Player One throws the die and notes the number thrown. Player One then chooses a word from the column with that number, states it clearly to Player Two and places a counters over it. e.g. If a 3 is thrown then any word from the 3 column can be covered.
3. Player Two then repeats Step 2
4. Play continues in this fashion until a player makes 4 in row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

How to Win:

Be the person who makes a line of 4 counters in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Included in this Download:

1 VIDEO GAME version
8 Full Colour Game Boards

8 Low Colour Game Boards
1 PowerPoint Version with All the full colour versions of the game boards for easy discussion and revision.

magic e rule game


Words Covered in this Game Set

Game One

can, cane, plan, plane, car, care, scrape, scrape, slat, slate, rat, rate, fat, fate, gap, gape, pal, pale, pan, pane,
mad, made, man, mane, past, paste, van, vane, cub, cube, cut, cute, quit, quite, run, rune

Game Two

cop, cope, dim, dime, fin, fine, glob, globe, not, note, pet, Pete, bit, bite, rid, ride, rip, ripe, shin, shine, slid, slide,
slop, slope, strip, stripe, spin, spine, Tim, time, hid, hide, twin, twine, slim, slime

Game Three

bit, bite, pin, pine, cod, code, win, wine, tap, tape, hop, hope, sit, site, rod, rode, Sam, same, mat, mate, rat, rate,
kit, kite, cap, cape, fad, fade, tub, tube, rob, robe, hat, hate, fin, fine 

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Our Price: $3.80

Quick Overview

Magic E Rule / Bossy E Rule Four in a Row is an engaging phonics rule game which makes exploring and getting to know how the 'bossy e' works enjoyable.

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Our Price: $3.80