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Reciprocal Teaching - Reciprocal Reading Cards

Reciprocal Teaching

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Reciprocal Teaching - Reciprocal Reading Cards. Reciprocal Teaching - Reciprocal Reading - a collection of free printable prompt cards to aid you in implementing this powerful comprehension strategy.

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Reciprocal Teaching (also known as Reciprocal Reading)

Reciprocal Teaching is a powerful comprehension strategy. The cornerstone of the strategy is that groups of students are guided through the steps in comprehending an information text rather than the traditional 'seek and find' method of finding answers. i.e. they are guided through the process of how to comprehend rather than practicing finding answers in text.

Reciprocal Teaching

Leader: Read the next topic sentence or sub-heading and, based on that, predict what you think the next paragraph will be about. 

Group: “My prediction is that the rest of the paragraph will be about …” 
“Based on the topic sentence, I think the paragraph will be about … “

Reciprocal Teaching

Leader: “ Can you read the next paragraph for us please (name)?”                  


(name) can you read up to ………...”

 With each new  leader  the group alternate between reading...

  • silently
  • to a partner
  • to the group
  • in unison

Reciprocal Teaching

Leader: “ What aspects of this paragraph do you need to clarify?”  (make clear) 

Group Members: 

“I’d like to know what the word …….... means?”
“Where is ……………………..located?”
“How is this word pronounced?”

Reciprocal Teaching

Leader: “ In order to check if someone has fully understood this passage, what questions could you ask them? ” 

Group Members:

What…?  Why…? When…? Which...? Where...? Who…? How... ? 
(Then the whole group answer the questions)

NB We have many handouts with question stems for generating different types of questions here.

Reciprocal Teaching 


(name) would you please say / write a sentence or two to summarise this passage.” 
“ State the main points of this paragraph please (name)” 
“ What are the most important facts / pieces of information in this paragraph (name)

Reciprocal Teaching


(name) would you please say / write a sentence or two to summarize this passage.”
“ State the main points of this paragraph please (name)
“ What are the most important facts / pieces of information in this paragraph (name) ?”

NB Both the UK and US Spellings of the contentious word on the card above are included in the download :-) #justincaseyoumissedit 

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Reciprocal Teaching (Reciprocal Reading) Strategy - A collection of printable teaching cards to help you implement this strategy in your classroom.

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