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Vocabulary Building Strategy - A Strategy to Enhance Vocabulary

Vocabulary Lesson Idea

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Vocabulary Building Strategy - A Strategy to Enhance Vocabulary. Vocabulary Teaching Strategies - a collection of 3 free printable cards to focus students on word meanings and enhance vocabulary.

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Vocabulary Enhancement Strategies - 3 more cards to use in group reading sessions to focus on the meaning of words and expanding vocabulary.

Vocabulary Lessons

Wall Display – Students prepare a creative card based wall display of new vocabulary 

Each Card is to Include:

- given word

- pronunciation

- illustration or cartoon

- meaning

- word origins (if easily found)

Discuss each card before adding it to the display 

Vocabulary Lessons

Incidentals – A couple of things to say & do throughout the day

- ‘Before you head to you next activity, just remind me of the meaning of...’

- Teacher uses some of the words incidentally in other activities & contexts

- Encourage students to use the words in other contexts. Ham it up and make a big deal of it when they do.

Vocabulary Lessons

Shared Pronunciation – Which words in this text are important for us all to pronounce the same way? e.g. names, subject specific language, place names etc

- practice saying the words in unison
- write fon–et–ic pronunciation for later reference

- Where can we find the correct pronunciation? Some options - ask expert people; use audio function at

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Vocabulary Lessons - a set of 3 cards to focus students on word meanings and expanding vocabulary.

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