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Consonant Vowel Consonant (CVC) Game - Whack a Word

CVC resources - Phonics Game

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Consonant Vowel Consonant (CVC) Game - Whack a Word. Printable CVC Game - Learn all about consonant vowel consonant words with this printable game. Ideal addition to your literacy center or homework program.

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Phonics Game - CVC Whack a Mole (Word) an enjoyable way to practice initial, medial & final consonant sounds (CVC) in an enjoyable way. 

What You Need:

2 players
1 caller
2 Whackers *
1 Whack-a-Word CVC deck of cards

cvc phonics games

* Whackers:

toy hammers
- fly swats
- cut about 10cm off the end of a pool noodle and insert a pencil so it resembles a hammer
- if none of the above are available students can slap the cards with their hands

cvc phonics games


How to Play:

1. Place a collection of cards (15 to 20) face up on the table.
2. Students sit side by side on one side of the table with their hammers in hand.
3. Caller chooses a card at random from those on the table &  reads it aloud to the the players.
4. Students scan the cards and when they recognise the word they hit it with their hammer.
5. The first student to hit the card reads it to the Caller and keeps the card.
6. The game continues in this fashion until all the cards have been picked up.

How to Win:

Students tally their cards. The student with the highest number of cards is declared the winner.

Possible Extension:

- Students make their own cards and their own clues based on words they need to revise. These words might be composed of words from spelling lists, words 'stumbled on' during group reading sessions, a family of words, a phonics rule or words from personal reading.


- Play the game based on letter names rather than phonetic sounds.
cvc phonics games

Before the Game:

- Revise the words used in the game as a quick sight word drill. It is important to use a variety of ways of describing the position of sounds
NB Be sure to use the phonetic sound of a letter rather than its alphabet name as this game is about providing decoding skills.
I'm thinking of a word beginning a/an (insert sound)
- The word I'm thinking of has a/an (insert medial sound) in the middle.
- The word I'm thinking of ends with a/an (insert sound)

After the Game:

- Add the cards to a wall display until next time the game is played. This gives students a chance to revise and become very familiar with the words. 

- Once you've given a sound clue add a real world clue e.g. I'm thinking of a word which ends with an 'n' and it lays eggs.

Words Included in this Game:

bad, bat, bar, cat, can, cap, car, dad, fat, fan, far, gap, gas, hat, jam, lap, nap, map, man, pat, pan, rat, sad, sap, sat, tap, tan, tar, van, vat, wag, zap  

bed, bet, den, fed, gel, get, hen, her, hex, jet, led, leg, let, men, met, net, pet, pen, red, set, ten,  vet, wet

big, bin, bit, did,  dig, dip, fit, fin, fix, gig, hid, hit, him, hip, his, kid, kit, lid, lip, mit, pig, pin, pit,  rid, rig, sip, sit, six, tin, tip, win, zip 

Bob, box, cob, cod, cot, cop, dog, dot, fog, fox, got, hog, hop, hot, job, jog, log, lot, mob, mop, not, pop, pot, rob, rod, sob, top, 

bug, bun, but, cup, cut, fun, gum, hug, hum, jug, lug, mud, mug, mum, nut, pun, pup, rub, rug, run, sum, tub, tug,

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Quick Overview

CVC Whack a Mole (Word) is a fun way to practice initial sounds, medial sounds and final consonants (CVCs).

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Our Price: $3.50