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How to Teach Inference - Hidden Question Stems - 3 Level Guides

3 Level Guides - Hidden Questions

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How to Teach Inference - Hidden Question Stems - 3 Level Guides. How to Teach Inference. A Free Printable Three Level Guide - Hidden Question Stems - a comprehension strategy to aid students infer word meanings from context clues.

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Reading Comprehension Strategies - Teaching Inference - 'Hidden Questions' are those you can answer by using clues in the text combined with knowledge you already have.

How to Use this Guide:

- when running a Guided Reading Session have these question stems next to you and formulate appropriate questions as you see a context

- hand these question stems to your group and ask them to generate questions for the other group members

- have other groups answer the questions.

Working Out Word Meaning from Clues in Text
- Have a guess at the meaning of '..... word.....' Use the clues given in the text before this word & in the next one or two sentences. 
- I wonder what this word could mean? (Take an ‘educated guess’) 
What clues from the text support this inference? 

- We can assume '..... word.....' means (insert meaning ) because … 

- We can conclude  '..... word.....' means (insert meaning) because of what clues from the text?

- How do you know ‘… word…’ means (insert meaning) ?
- In this sentence the word (insert word) most likely means... 
a) … insert definition…
                       b) … insert definition… 
                       c)  … insert definition…    because...
- What could the word (insert meaning) mean given (action) & (action) have happened.
- Show me the part of the text that leads you to infer this word means (insert meaning) .
- What clues in the text lead you to make this     inference? 
(Insert word) has three meanings in the dictionary. Which is the most appropriate meaning here?

- From the ‘contextual clues’ (hints in the text) what could (insert word) mean?

- Can you see any smaller words in the bigger word that might give you a hint. e.g.‘emotion’ in ‘emotive’. 

Huge Hint!!! Read past the word to get more clues!!!
 - What clues in this paragraph point you to a possible meaning for this word? 

- I feel there isn't enough information here to predict the meaning of this word. Would you agree? What is our next course  of action?
- Is it crucial that we understand the meaning of this word? Why? 

- Will I/we lose a significant amount of meaning from the text if I don't know this word?

- Substitute a similar word & see if the sentence makes sense  i.e. use a synonym for the unknown word.  
- What should I/you think about to infer the meaning of this word?
- What is happening in the text that might give me/us a  clue about the word’s meaning?
- What are people saying, doing or feeling that might give us a clue about the words meaning?
- What context clues led you to your definition?
- Read this passage and underline all of the words that provide clues to the meaning of the word (insert word)

- Authors (people who write books) often put word definitions in brackets after a ‘tricky’ word. Write the words to go in the brackets after (insert word). 

3 level Guides - Hidden Questions

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A reference sheet of question stems for inferring word meaning from contextual clues.

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