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I Have… Who has…? A Rather Advanced Game of Synonyms :-)

Printable Synonym Game

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I Have… Who has…? A Rather Advanced Game of Synonyms :-). What is a Synonym? - Download, Print, Play and Learn about synonyms using this enjoyable card game.

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  • To raise awareness and knowledge of synonyms in an enjoyable way. 

This is a nice beginning of session or lesson transition game.

Words Included In This Game: 

nice, delightful, look, peer, small, miniscule, sad, disconsolate, mock, ridicule, think, ponder, said, uttered, happy, euphoric, a trip, jaunt, big, colossal, kind, considerate, to leave, abandon, pleased, elated, short, diminutive, forgive, exonerate, good, worthy, kill, eradicate, asked, quizzed, brave, courageous, bad & abysmal. 

What You Need:

1 deck of ‘I Have… Who has…?’ Synonym Cards
3 to 5 players
1 Stop Watch (Optional)


- Print, laminate and cut out the cards.
- Create a deck so each player gets the same amount of cards e.g. If there are 5 players create a deck of 30 cards so each player gets 6.

How to Play:  
  1. Select a dealer. This person shuffles the cards well and distributes the cards evenly to all the players.
  2. Players arrange the cards in front of themselves face up (I like to have the students arrange the cards in alphabetical order at this point).
  3. The player to the left of the dealer then chooses one of their cards and reads it aloud to the group.
  4. The player with a synonym then says, ‘I have …… which is a synonym of …….’
  5. Both students then turn these cards face down. The student who answered the question then reads one of their remaining cards to the group.
  6. Play continues in this fashion until one of the players has turned all their cards over. This player is the winner.
  7. Return to Step 1 J
Before the Game:  
  • Revise synonyms as, ‘Words which have the same or similar meanings’.
  • I point out how ‘similar’ sounds a bit like ‘synonym’ as a memory aid.
  • Discuss why we learn about synonyms. NB ‘It is in the test’ is the wrong answer J
  • Explore the deck with the students so they can find meanings to unknown words and practise them in context in conversation.
After the Game:  
  • Discuss the transfer of synonym knowledge into personal writing.
  • Use words which create a vivid image in the mind of the reader.
  • How exactly did the character move? Explore possible synonyms.
  • Rise above the use of mundane words in your writing if the context suits.
  • One word can have many synonyms. Find some using on online synonym finder like
  • Try adding a stopwatch to the game to see if the students can beat their best time.
  • Adapt the game for paired and whole class play.

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Our Price: $2.20

Quick Overview

An enjoyable game to raise awareness of synonyms.

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Our Price: $2.20