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I Have Who Has? – Phonics Edition

reading game

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I Have Who Has? – Phonics Edition. I Have Who Has? Phonics - Just Download, Print, Play and Learn with this enjoyable reading game

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Phonics Game - I have... Who Has? -  This onset and rime reading game is an excellent way to practice common digraphs  &  practice listening skills.

What  You Need:
1 set of 'I Have... Who Has...?' cards
Stop watch (optional)
- Print and laminate the cards so they will withstand the rigors of classroom use.
Just One Way to Play:
1. Distribute all the cards randomly to the students. NB Some students may get more than one card.
2. Students stand in a circle with their cards.
3. The teacher begins by reading the Start Card aloud,  'I have bl. Who has cl?'  
4. The student with the 'cl' card then says aloud, 'I have cl. Who has...' and sits down.
5. Play continues in this question and response fashion until all students are sitting. At this point the game is complete.
Teaching Point - Students must listen attentively so as not to break the flow of the game.

Suggestion - Use the stop watch to time the length of the game. Over the course of a week challenge the students to get faster at completing the challenge.
I Have Who Has – Phonics Edition
Cheat Sheet - Just in Case it All Goes Pear Shaped
Start Card à I have bl. Who has cl?
I have cl. Who has gl?
I have gl. Who has sl?
I have sl. Who has pl?
I have pl. Who has br?
I have br. Who has dr?
I have dr. Who has fr?
I have fr. Who has gr?
I have gr. Who has pr?
I have pr. Who has tr?
I have tr. Who has sc?
I have sc. Who has sp?
I have sp. Who has st?
I have st. Who has sm?

I have sm. Who has sn?
I have sn. Who has sw?
I have sw. Who has tw?
I have tw. Who has dw?
I have dw. Who has scr?
I have scr. Who has spl?
I have spl. Who has spr?
I have spr. Who has str?
I have str. Who has ch?
I have ch. Who has th?
I have th. Who has wh?
I have wh. Who has thr?
I have thr. Who has oo?
I have oo. Who has ar?
I have ar. Who has ow?
I have ow. Who has or?
I have or. Who has air?
I have air. Who has cl?

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Our Price: $2.20

Quick Overview

I Have... Who Has? Phonics Edition is an enjoyable way to practice common blends and digraphs. 

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Our Price: $2.20