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Phonics Spinner for PC & IWB - Short 'a' Medial Sound

Phonics Spinner

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Phonics Spinner for PC & IWB - Short 'a' Medial Sound. Phonics Spinner - a FREE animated phonics game for exploring CVCs with the short 'a' medial sound. So much more fun than a worksheet :-)

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Phonics Spinner - A SmartBoard Game  - This is an enjoyable game to practice REAL and NONSENSE Consonant Vowel Consonant (CVC) words. 

Teacher Preparation:

1. Download and test the CVC spinner on a WINDOWs PC or Laptop to see if it will work in your classroom environment. NB This is not a Mac application. 

Q. Why do this?

A. 'To be sure to be sure' ;-) Great lessons can go south at an alarming rate when school technology does something 'weird'. It is better to be safe than sorry!!! 

2. Project the spinner onto the Smartboard and press all the buttons to become familiar with their function. 

Button 1 - Move this row on one place down.
Button 2 - Move this spinner to a random letter
Button 3 - Move this spinner on one place up.
Button 4 - Move both spinners randomly.

Student Preparation:

- Using a pencil and ruler divide a piece of scratch paper into two columns. Write 'Junk' at the top of one column and 'Gem' at the top of the other. 
- Students write the numbers 1 to 10 down the side of the paper. 
- One student chooses the 'go for' / 'have dibs on' the 'junk words' and one for the 'real words'. 

Phonics Spinner Recording Sheet (Recording Sheet)

How to Play - The LOUD FUN Way Play

1. Students pair up & sit side by side facing the IWB. 
2. Students share one ruled piece of scratch paper and have a pencil each. 
3. The teacher, or class leader, presses the Random button (do a screen shot with annotations) and the spinners spin.
4. When the spinner stops, the teacher reads the word out aloud and the students YELL OUT 'Junk' (for a nonsense word) or 'Gem' (for a real word).
5. If the word is a real word the student who is going for 'real words' writes the word in the 'real' column and vice versa. 

How to Win: 

First player to write 10 words in their column is the winner. 

This FREE Phonics Spinner Covers the Short 'a' medial sound

First Roller - b, c, d, f, g, h, j, l, m, n, p, r, s, t, w, v
Middle Roller - a
Final Roller - b, d, g, m, n, p, t


- The students sit with a partner and yell out the word as soon as the spinner stops. The first of the pair to read the word correctly places a tally mark on their blank piece I scratch paper. Teacher spins the wheels eleven times and student with the highest amount of tally marks wins the game.
WARNING - there is a small chance this mode of play will result in a tiny backlash from other teachers in your building hehehe

The Quiet - Not So Much Fun Way to Play ;-)

- Exactly the same way as above only the students read the word quietly to their partner and record the words.

Be Sure to Vary The Phonics Focus:

1. Continuously press the random button to for a larger variety of words. 
2. Choose a word ending and click through the initial sounds
3. Choose an initial sound and click through the final sound


This Interactive CVC Spinner has been thoroughly tested by the Norton's Anti Virus Whitelist Division and they have been deemed the game to be virus free software. That said, many schools have blanket block on the downloading this type of software and sometimes they block the running of this type of software on the network. 

Phonics Spinner - Nonsense Words 

(Nonsense words covered too)

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An Interactive Phonics Spinner for PC & Interactive Whiteboard - This is an enjoyable game to practice real and nonsense consonant vowel consonant (CVC) words.

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