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Sound Snap - a Phonics Card Game for Word Families - ‘ail’, ‘ain’ & ‘air’

Sound Snap Phonics Game

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Sound Snap - a Phonics Card Game for Word Families - ‘ail’, ‘ain’ & ‘air’. Sound Snap - Put the worksheets away and liven up your phonics practice lessons with an enjoyable game of Sound Snap using these colorful word building cards which focus on ‘ail’, ‘ain’ & ‘air’.

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Sound Snap - Printable Reading Game - ‘ail’, ‘ain’ & ‘air’ is an enjoyable way to practice onset and rime.

What You Need:
2 players
1 deck of ‘ail’, ‘ain’, ‘air’ cards
How to Play:

1. Decide who will be the dealer.
2. Dealer shuffles the cards and distributes them evenly between the players.
3. Both players straighten their deck and places it face down in their non preferred hand.
4. Dealer flips their top card into the center of the playing area.
5. Player 2 then flips their top card onto player 1's card and the players mentally combine the cards to see if they make a word.
6. If a word can be formed, players quickly slap the pile and say the word aloud.
7. The player who is first to get their hand onto the pile wins all the cards in the pile.
8. If a player grabs the pile when the two top cards do not make a ‘real’ word then the opponent gets the pile of cards.
9. Continue the game until one player possesses all the cards

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Our Price: $2.20

Quick Overview

Sound snap is a fast-paced phonics game which gives great reading skills practice.

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Our Price: $2.20