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Vocabulary Building Strategy - A Strategy to Enhance Vocabulary - Etymology

vocabulary lessons

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Vocabulary Building Strategy - A Strategy to Enhance Vocabulary - Etymology. Vocabulary Lesson Ideas - A free printable set of cards to have students think about the etymology (origins) of words.

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vocabulary lessons

Etymology is the study of the history of words and how their form and meaning have changed over time. Wikipedia
- I wonder where this word was first used?
- I wonder when this word was first used.
- Let’s Google ‘insert word / etymology’
- Record it on a map

vocabulary lesson


The well loved children's novels, "A Series of Unfortunate Events', has a lovely ‘running joke’ where Lemony Snicket uses the same set of words to explain words & phrase meanings. Read one of the books as a class novel and work it into your lessons. The fans will love you. hehehehe

- (insert word)… is a word which here means…
- (insert phrase)… is a phrase which here means…


vocabulary lesson

- Unless we make an effort to remember these new words a few times over the next few days we will forget them. What strategies can we develop to help us remember them?

- 'I wonder where the word 'etymology came from?'

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Vocabulary Lessons - a collection of vocabulary building activities designed to be used as part of small group reading sessions.

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