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Vocabulary Building Strategy - A Strategy to Enhance Vocabulary

Vocabulary Lessons

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Vocabulary Building Strategy - A Strategy to Enhance Vocabulary. Vocabulary Building Strategies - Use these vocabulary enhancement cards to focus students on word meanings. Free and Printable.

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Vocabulary Building Strategies - 3 free & printable cards designed to be used during reading group sessions to focus the students on building their vocabulary.

enhance vocabulary

Card 1 - Spread your fingers and quickly scan down the words on this page. Which words would you like clarification on?

Leader explains each word orally, with no recording, then casually reminds the students of the word meaning when it is encountered in context.

enhance vocabulary

Card 2 - Which words do you think might result in us not fully gaining the author’s intention if we don’t know their correct meaning?

Delegate the words to be clarified to members of the group. Allow a few minutes to use dictionaries to research the words. Write the formal meanings onto a large sheet of paper & discuss the new words in context when the group arrive at them.

enhance vocabulary


Card 3 - Choose 5 words that you think the group would benefit from having a better understanding of.

Add these words to a vocabulary list & define them. Revisit definitions when they are encountered in the text.

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Vocabulary Building Strategies - these 3 cards are part of a collection designed to enhance vocabulary development. 

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